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Monday, May 30, 2011

Gnat Bastards.


Aside from hating exercise, I reserve a bit of hate for a very teeny weensy tiny lil bug called a "GNAT". They truly are little fuckers sent from Mother Nature Hell. Mom, Dad and I were having a lovely day of family flounder fishing on the back bay this morning, when all of the sudden - they attacked. Swarms of microscopic little gnats were flying up my nose, biting any bit of skin that was showing, and dive bombing my eyeballs!! BAH! I am unable to keep my cool in situations like this, so I was flailing around like someone escaping from the looney bin.

For those of you blessed to live in an area without these little shits, I'll educate you on the nightmare that you have been able to escape:

Gnats, pronounced "NAT", are from the same insect family as (the equally despicable) flies and mosquitoes. Because they lay their eggs in wet places, they can be found mostly anywhere near a river, stream or bay. These tiny flies need the blood of warm-blooded animals to survive (ie you and me!). Their individual bites aren't TOO tragic -- they swell up a bit and itch like hell -- but the problem is, there is never just ONE gnat. They travel in hordes...hundreds of them, in a cloud that has encompassed your whole head! BAH.

SO: the next time the wind is blowing west and you think that there will be Gnats - pack hardcore pesticide-loaded bug repellent and wear long pants + long sleeves. And a hat. And socks and sneakers. And a scarf. Those bastards will take any bit of skin that they can sink their filthy teeth into! says...

Getting Rid of Gnats Naturally

3 cups of water,
4 tbsp of sugar
4 tbsp of vinegar,
3 tbsp of liquid soap (castille).

Mixed it all in a jar or a bowl and place where gnats are a problem

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