not all who wander are lost.

Thursday, May 5, 2011's been a while. My apologies. In Cambodia, Thailand and Laos there was wifi in every hostel, restaurant and ga station. So- blogging regularly was super convenient. Now I'm in a pretty remote spot in Indonesia where there is one "Internet cafe" (2 computers) that's expensive and offers up inconvenient hours for surfers. I love to blog so long as it doesn't interfere or take away from me experiencing a place. Here, any kind of regular Internet sessions on slow computers is taking away from me fully being here now. So, again- my apologies. But I'm enjoying my time here while I still have some left. Plus- my days don't vary too much...wake up, have banana pancake with lime and honey kopi susu sidakit gula, surf. Yoga, rest, walk three rooms down to Sebastians- hang in his hammock and shoot the shot with all the neighbors, surf again. Dinner at Lakey Beach Inn. Sleep. Oh yeah- forgot to tell you- I never ended up leaving Sumbawa with B for Java. I bought my plane ticket, but when the taxi arrived I just wasn't ready to leave. So I didnt. And now here I so so very stoked with my decision to stick around. A boatload of surfers left town, making for a quieter lineup and town. I've made friends with the 'locals' that come back year after year for months at a time and theyve welcomed me into their family with open arms. I hang out with all the little local grommies, who lovingly call me "CC!" and I play music every night with a talented, eclectic mix of people. I think I'll be here for another 2 weeks before heading to Bali then a few days in Ubud doing yoga before heading home. That's the plan for now, but as we all know, they are open to change...

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