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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

...Just For Adults.

El Gaucho
2505 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 728-1337

A trip to the movie theatre has been taken to a whole new level by my beloved Seattle-ites. EL GAUCHO in downtown Seattle is a showing room for 21 and up. It's a very small, "boutique" theatre, with an epic lounge area and a full bar. Make sure that you book your ticket ahead online, otherwise you'll be shit outta luck -- it's guaranteed to sell out, no matter what is playing. It's tough to nail in a good seat get there EARLY and get to the front of the line if you plan to sit with the people you came with. Also, it's best to come with atleast one other person, that way one person can get the drinks, while the other waits in line, charges the door and secures good seats.

Pre-Show...the bar is 5 people deep... and this is no beer and "red" or "white" wine establishment...only the finest cocktails and a large selection of fine wines - served in proper glasses....ooolala heaven.

After an epic day of food (surprise!), wine (surprise!) and shopping (surprise!)...Janice, Julisa and I decided that it was only appropriate after trying on wedding dresses and planning Julia's upcoming nuptials to go and see the new movie BRIDESMAIDS. Janice selected us a nice bottle of white wine, Julisa nabbed us the best seats in the house, and I...well, I enjoyed the seats and the wine!! The movie was absolutely, slap-your-knees and grasp-your-sides HYSTERICAL. I think that we missed half of the movie because we were laughing so hard. There were several people in the cast from SNL, and they were sure not to disappoint. And anyone who has been in a bridal party can attest to the madness that goes down. Whether you are male, female, married, unwed, straight or sideways....this movie is a must see. And it's even better served with alcohol, because isn't everything??

By BEAUTIFUL Seattle Sisters...Janice and Julisa. Thank you for being two of the most outstanding, outgoing and simply epic people.
The small theatre...filling up....

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