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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Yet again, an awesome day which resulted in tears. I find that my happiest moments spark my saddest moments. Meeting Reena was truly a blessing. Not only is she is super sick wave slider (badass-Aussie-longboard-style-for-days), but she's also a freakishly funny, über stylish, down to earth, grounded in the earth woman. We had an awesome night with the group at my gig last night, followed up by a super duper fun early morning surf sess. Afterwards she came to my "house" and we hung out on my "porch"- sipping Ravis delicious iced coffees and enjoying his kickass breakfast (poached eggs, tomato, onion, cheese, epic toast). We laughed and chatted about everything from surfing to fashion to God. We decided that another surf was in order, so we paddled out to some less-than-desirable swell and had a blast. Truly, this afternoons surf session was hands down my BEST session. It further reassures my theory that its more about *who you're sharing the waves with than the actual waves themselves. So. Much. Fun.

Later she came over for our New Years ceremony and then we said our goodbyes...until dinner. In my alone time I went to the mat. I was really overwhelmed with all of the emotions that were coming up for me. Good days spark big sadness because I really want to share my happiness with my Dad. Yes, I talk to him. Yes, I tell him. But it's not the same, and its an adjustment that takes time getting used to. And so I cried. Well, bawled my eyes out is more like it. I guess that it's as they say in India, "slowly slowly". Grief takes time, slowly slowly, but thankfully there are great times in between. Balance.

Cailin Callahan

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