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Friday, April 26, 2013

Moms Final Words...

Moms emails have come to an end. For so many, including myself, they were the most beautiful, inspiring, sad and honest letters you've ever come across. Thank you again to everyone who supported us in so many ways these past few years, we are so grateful. And I would like to add a special note of gratitude to my mom for showing me the power of love and selflessness...I have never seen anyone love another as my Mom loved my Dad (with the exception of how much that love was given in return...).

God Bless.

Mom writes...

This is the last email that will go out to the Paul's head group.I am sure there will be many of you that will miss these letters, some will be relieved to have them come to an end.This group was always about the two of us. It was me sharing with you what I believe to be "The Greatest Love Story Ever Told." It kept us going probably longer than we ever had the right to wish for. You supported us with your love, prayers, and took care of our physical needs.I will be forever indebted to each and every one of you.
OUR journey is over. Paul will forever be in our hearts, minds,souls. He is in the woods, the water, and he is in the very air that I breathe , but recently I have sadly come to the realization that I am no longer a WE. I am a ME. The US has become I. It is a reality that I'm still wrapping my head around, and it will unfold itself to me every day. Wish me luck. And please keep in touch if you care to. My heart and my home are always open to Happy Positive people.
Thank you, love, Doreen

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