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Friday, April 12, 2013

Arugam Bay.

The situation was as such:

I packed my bags on Wednesday night because I was losing my shit in midigama. It was so so hot and humid, the waves weren't delivering, and I didn't love the guest house that I was in. Well, its just as I believe- set the intention and the universe will deliver. I packed my bags with no idea where I was going, I just knew that I was making a move. So I paddle out and one of the guys in the lineup said that he was headed to arugum 10am, which was in just a half hour. I asked if I could hop in the taxi with him and he said no problem. So I caught the next wave in, settled up my tab, and away we went. 

We passed wild elephants along the way, just crossing the road. It rained, the air was cooler and boom- we arrived in arugam bay. The waves are decent, the place we are staying is homey and rundown, and the food is delicious and SO CHEAP. 250rs (1.80$)for the most epic pumpkin soup, salad and coconut rotis. Ahhh. Love. The centipede in my bathroom that was the size of a dachsand was a bit discomforting, but I'm grateful for the change of scenery....

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