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Monday, April 22, 2013

Gerrit + Marina

Gerrit + Marina

Wow. I have been so blessed with an amazing family and community (and waves!) here in Arugam Bay. I am loving every second of it. Gerrit and Marina have been two of my closest friends here in town. The three of us are super stoked surf freaks that like to be in the water at the crack of dawn and surf until we cant possible paddle another stroke. We play games together in the afternoon and take turns playing their Ukelele (I'm obsessed and will be purchasing one ASAP when I get home!). Gerrit comes from a few generations of surfers and "home" is California and Hawaii. Marina is another Californian who has also lived in Hawaii. They are a super chilled, generous, shanti couple. They have been living with a local family here in town and last night I was invited for dinner. The meal: rice and curry (obviously). Ama (mom) made red rice, papadoms, dal, salad, carrot and coconut salad, banana leaf and coconut salad, fried potatoes and curried string beans, and vegetable curry. Holy hell, it was amazing and I had three helpings. As soon as you think it's over, Ama refills the bowls and comes back from the kitchen with more. In the true Sri Lankan way and tradition, we eat alone (the family watches and then eats separately after we have finished). I would say that it's weird but I'm used to it by now and understand that's just "the way it is". And so, after we were finished our epic meal, Ama made herself a plate and enjoyed her meal. It was such a treat to get a home cooked meal made with love, as well as a great "mom" hug.

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