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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Surf. Wifi. Surf. Rice and Curry.

Let's see...not too much to blog about really. I spend hours surfing in the morning, try not to melt in the afternoons by hanging at a luxurious hotel using their wifi and sipping soda water with lime, surf into the sunset, and then eat rice and curry. Sleep. Repeat. Boom. First nights rice and curry was at a friends house, next at Asankas, the following at a local shack, and last nights at our guest house. All different, all delicious, all made me super happy. Surfing today was the best day yet (though every day is pretty amazing...overhead, clean, and *abundant*). I surfed the right point break for a few hours, then paddled over to the left where Stu had been surfing and had myself some backhanders. Is it possible to have too much fun? Or to have too many waves? I finally got out because I was feeling gluttonous after all the waves id had, plus the sun started roasting my fresh-from-India-fair-skin. Already though I'm as tan as Stu, and it feels so good. I love the nourishment of some raw Vitamin D! 

Currently coming up with curriculum for our epic 200 hour TTC @ the Zen Den, which I am incredibly excited for. Also making my summer gig schedule, going to be playing on the deck bar at Yesterday's for happy hour and also a few nights at Buschs. And last but not least I'm solidifying my summer yoga teaching schedule. I've cut beach yoga down to just Sunday mornings, I'm doing Wednesday night Yin @ Living Well Crossfit, two classes a week in the Margate Zen Den and 5 a week at our OC location. And, drum roll please....I'm back in Avalon!!!! I'll be announcing where and the schedule later this week so stay tuned. 

Blessings everyone! 

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