not all who wander are lost.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Home of my Gypsy Heart

Well, this is where I will spend the remainder of my trip, so in my true, usual fashion, I have made it a home. All I need to do is hang some photos and my Saraswati poster on the wall, and pick up some candles + incense.

I'm the only room upstairs, so I've invested in a broom to sweep up the flat roof, which I'm using as an extension of my house- and which has also become my yoga + crossfit studio.

"So here we are in no mans land
A gypsy heart so free
Weary eyes please don't ask why
A promise to hold on to
We seek the path of something new
That carries the distant truth
So you are a traveller
Of somewhere to take you home"

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