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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Self Practice Bliss.

I fell out of my daily sadhana when I got sick in India. Honestly, I haven't really felt right since...not quite 100%. And I think that part of that is to do with the actual food poisoning itself, but mostly I feel like it's because I never got back into a proper, daily self practice. So yesterday, beaten and battered, and sweating in the 100 degree heat, swimming in the high humidity- I rolled out my mat. It was ten times hotter than the "sweat" classes back home, and there were flies and ants and all sorts of tropical elements to deal with- but I felt SO. MUCH. BETTER. afterwards. And, as it always happens when I neglect my practice, afterwards I think to myself "GAH. All that suffering. Why didn't I just roll out my damn mat!?".

There are challenging days when the last thin that you want to do is yoga- but if you put on some good tunes and just sit on your mat, you are bound to get inspired into some movement- and I promise you that you'll feel better. Promise. Self practice saves the day...yet again.

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