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Friday, April 5, 2013



This is surely "To Much Information", but I'm so excited that I simply must share. I have been so m*f*ing constipated. For months now, but especially these past 3 weeks. It's terribly uncomfortable and now I understand why my ex would obsess over his "morning poo" and would take psyllium husk among other things to 'move' those efforts along. Well last night the dogs were going ape-shit outside my bedroom from about 3am until 5am. When I met Stu in the morning he took one look at me and said "Rough night, ey?". Ten minutes later there was a coffee in front of me. Stu made a strong bialetti that was bound to wake me up and bring me back to life. Well, after a few sips it certainly did- and it also had me (happily) skipping to the bathroom. Yay! Poo! So I realize now that maybe I need to reincorporate coffee back into my life. Just in the mornings, and in moderation, but the yogi "no coffee" shenanigans will no longer be 'blocking up' my morning. Yay! Happy Healthy Girl!

Cailin Callahan

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