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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Workin' like a dog....

....well, downward dog. { for all you non-yogi's- downward dog is a yoga pose}

Yoga, cleaning houses, waitressing and singing have consumed my life lately. I don't even know the dates, I just know what work consists of Monday's, what needs to be done on Tuesday' on and so forth. And really, I don't mind it so much. I'm enjoying the work, I'm definitely enjoying the money {the SAVING of money}, and I'm feeling super productive and proud of the work I'm doing. The only thing is my legs. They ache. From my toes to my ankles, from my heels up to my knees. I'm not sure if it's the Lymes Disease, if it's too much candida yeast, or if it is just overworking them - but some nights I lay in bed and just feel like bursting into tears. The other night Shawn put some lotion on my stinky, sore feet and rubbed my toes and my heels - it was the most enjoyable thing I've experienced in months! I think I might invest in one of those foot soaks/foot massagers, because it's the only relief that I get. Well, whenever I start to feel fried -- beat down from the busy days I just try to keep my 'eyes on the prize'. I start to daydream about Ecuador - the oriente, the Galapagos, the Amazon and the Andes. I ponder about all that I'll see and do there...and then I focus on my months in Costa Rica. I plan the surf trips I'll take when I'm there and all of the fun that will be had. I plan out my second record - the songs that I'll put on it, the venue I'll have the record release, and the dress that I'll wear the night of my performance! Yep, whenever I'm feeling tired - I just try and think about the bigger picture.

SO: for anyone in support of my bigger picture....I'm at Mildred's every night of the week except Tues and Thursday. I have gigs on Tuesday's and Thursday's {see post below}, I am available to clean houses any day except Saturdays', and Yoga is on Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays from 7-8am, $10pp on 41st @ the Beoujouis's Beach House. NAMASTE. I hope that everyone is enjoying their summer...whether they are working or on vacation!

Pat from Esterillos sent me some photos from her time here. These are some highlights.

The Big Pig Feast.

Dad. "shredding".

Snapper, the Filet-Man

Dad, teaching the boys how to shuck clams.

59th Street Pier, OCNJ

Pat's MONSTER Flounder

Mom and I, Workin our Magic in the KITCHEN.
I'm baking my "famous berry pie".

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  1. What kind of shoes do you wear when you wait and clean houses? The right shoes can make a huge difference. Posture, too. I don't slouch, so I never thought I had bad posture, but I get lower back pain after standing for long periods (which sucks, since that's what I do full-time, and you do too!). I got a free "health profile" from a chiropractor, and it turns out I do the opposite of slouching... I stand with my hips too far forward, and it strains my back. And posture affects how well your shoes support you, too. But... you are a yoga master, so you probably have good posture. :) Feel better and keep workin hard!