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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jack Daniel's & "Luxury" Burgers


Every Tuesday for the rest of the summer I'll be playing the Whitebriar...but this Tuesday I have off. SO, I woke up late - had some delicious coffee, puttered around the house and then went to Pilates at the community center. The power-walk there warmed me up, and because I haven't been to class in over a month I got my ass-kicked. The 80 year old man who was next to me in class was smokin' me. Damnit. I walked home, defeated. When I got back Maude and I cruised to the thrift store to scope some eclectic new gear and then made our way to my parents house, because Maude needed a BATH. She's been itching her ass like crazy. I've spritzed apple cider vinegar on her hot spots, yelled at her when she's itched non-stop and given her some vitamins. Nada. So, I threw her in the tub, lathered her up and let the soap sit and work it's magic. I only found 2 fleas, but maybe those two are the ones responsible for reaking havoc on her skin. Die, damnit. She was so cute sitting in the tub, bubbled up, that I had to take a photo.

On the way back to our place I stopped at John & Mary's to clean their house. Well, to start it. It usually takes me a few days, especially after their grandkids have been visiting. I bleached and scrubbed and swept and swiffered and vacuumed the downstairs and then jetted home. Shawn and I were having guests for Dad and JamieD. Shawn was going to make his world famous "LUXURY BURGERS"...a mixture of beef and bison- with choice, top-secret seasonings. He also grilled some corn and for starters we had steamed clams. I threw together a blueberry crumble pie and BOOM. Dinner. JamieD and I were sippin on some Jack and Gingers...well, several Jack and Gingers, and the boys drank beer. Now all that's left is a pile of dishes........I think it's Shawn's turn to do dishes.....


  1. Oh my turn hugh, .... as if we take turns.

  2. I missss Maude!! xoxoxo Pat