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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Giggity Giggity.

Sven, Myself and Christian
Coffee Comedy, June 25th

The fourth of July is literally days away. The madness is about to be full swing. I'm definitely feeling the exhaustion setting in. Perhaps I'm still tired from the past two crazy weeks, and work picking up.... Last night I played at the Whitebriar in Avalon from 9 til close, came home, slept for a few hours and then was up at 6:15 got ready and headed out for 7am yoga at the Bougeious's house on the beach. Shawn joined me today for an intense flow was awesome. It started to drizzle in the final minutes of the session, and it was a constant flow of rain as we laid in shavasana {corpse pose}. It was actually pretty magical. A perfect cool down for the internal heat we were producing. Shawn and I returned home, ate some green eggs, and then laid down for a powernap. Shawn slept for a few minutes...I slept for several hours - literally not rising from bed until quarter of one! Thank goodness I actually woke up, because I have to leave for work by 2pm! Yep, I have to open at the restaurant today! How unfortunate...especially because the sun finally came back out.

Right now I'm making myself a cup of coffee and going over the next few days of work...and weeks ahead of shows. If you haven't made it out to a show yet this summer, I hope to see your face at one of the upcoming. Show dates are updated frequently on, but here is a current rundown of my upcoming gigs:

Whitebriar Inn, Avalon NJ : Tuesday's @ 9pm {until close...11-12}.
Free. Covers and Originals.

Busch's, Sea Isle City NJ: 9pm until midnight. Free. Covers and Originals.
Thursday July 2nd
Thursday July 23rd
Thursday August 13rd
Thursday September 3rd

Coffee.Comedy, Sea Isle City NJ: 7:30pm. $8. Original Music.
Thursday August 20th
Thursday August 27th

Stay tuned for more to come. Now I gotta run and get to waitressing....

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