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Monday, July 27, 2009

Enjoy It While You Can.

"Enjoy it while you can."

This phrase has been said to me more times than I'd like to count.

One night while waitressing, my table asked me about "my life". What I do in the winter, where I went to school, yadayadayada...basically finding out if there is more to me than being "just a waitress" {which there is nothing wrong with}. This happens often with my tables - random chitchat about where I'm going and where I've been. After telling them about singing and surfing, traveling and experiencing new things - they always say the SAME thing "Enjoy it while you can". They say it like one day I won't have the option of 'enjoying' my life anymore.

Today I got out of the water after a brief but satisfying surf session. Two women approached me and were laying on some praise for my "fluid and beautiful" surfing style. They asked if I had traveled any for surfing, and I told them that I spend a few months in Costa Rica during our cold Jersey winters. They both sighed and said "Well, enjoy it while you can!". Well ladies, Costa Rica isn't going anywhere, nor is any of the other wonderful places that I plan to visit. I don't plan to quit surfing anytime soon, so I think I'll be enjoying that for years to come as well. What exactly is it that I have to enjoy while I still can?

People talk about their youth like it was decades ago...that life is not fun, but serious and duty-filled. I work, I pay my bills, and I certainly have a ton of fun. My parents are still "enjoying" it....why wouldn't I? So for those who keep telling me to "Enjoy it while I can"....well, I WILL enjoy it - not "while I can", but til the day I drop dead - hopefully with a satisfied smile on my face.

Enjoy it people. Whatever "it" is. Enjoy it


  1. you got it sweetie... love dad

  2. Suck the marrow out of life babe!

  3. Man, that's so condescending!! "Enjoy it while you can... one day you'll have to be as miserable and unfulfilled as we are..."

    Well, that might be harsh, but really.

    YOU are right. This is good. :)