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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Goddamn Shoobies.

I was flipped off, yelled at, and given the death stare more times today than I'd like to count. Rude people in lines, angry-aggressive drivers and P.A. attitude.

After taking Maude on a long walk today, I decided to set-off and run some errands in Somers Point. My first stop was Santori's Produce and Vegetable go-to for cheap greens. As I was pulling in someone walked in front of my car, so I slowed to a stop and let them pass. Once they had passed I was going to accelerate but there was a car a few feet ahead of me pulling out of their spot, so I stayed where I was - giving them room to exit. Well don't you know that some guy yells at me "What the hell are you doing?!", dramatically throwing his hands in the air, because I hadn't moved my car, and he wanted to cross the parking lot into the store {why he didn't just walk AROUND the back of my car is beyond me...}. As I got inside, the man who was in the big hurry was waiting in a line of 50 people for deli meats...HA. That's what you get, bastard.

Leaving Santori's was no different -- with someone getting out of their car to direct traffic, yelling orders, so that his wife could pull out.

I was going to Starbucks to meet Paulie for a coffee, but he was going to be late so I decided to kill some time at the thrift store. While I was waiting in line to check out, and older woman literally bumped me and cut in line. Pushed her way in...obviously in a huge hurry to purchase her 3 towels. Oh well.

Had a soy latte @ Starbucks, chatted with Pablito, and then hopped in my car...ready to defend myself on the warpath that lie ahead. I turned the key and turned to exit the parking lot when a car drove by at 40 mph, slammed on the breaks, gave me the finger - then pulled away. Another old lady. I hadn't even put the car in reverse yet- I guess that she was just warning me not to....

A tad bit stressed out for all the assholes, I made my way to my last stop: KMart for some basic Hanes tanks. A man approached me and I thought "Oh we go. What is it now?". But to my surprise he came up and applauded me on being so polite, and he insisted that I must not be from New Jersey. He had been in the thrift store when I was there earlier in the day, and commented on how polite I was with the women who worked there, and how well I handled the rude-lady-butting-in-line. AH, breath of fresh air.

Someone stole my spot in the long line at the gas station, but I didn't let it fluster me. I just laughed. Now I'm at my parents house, getting ready to jump into the pool, eat some good food, then head out for a wonderful gig.


  1. Good for you! I let stuff like that get to me waaaay too easily.

  2. you sure get major kudos for handling everything, the way you did! =]