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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

busted boards and chocolate frosty's.

i've been complaining now for some time about my Thule racks. they gotta go. the little "feet" that hold the board only ding my rails,and they are constantly moving. the straps have started to dry rot and are on the brink of ive been substituting bungy cords. BUT, ive been busy - and when i'm not busy, im it keeps getting pushed onto the back burner. well, today i payed the price.

i was driving to check the waves, with my board in tow. it was in it's board sock {another contraption i don't understand...i get more dings on my board putting it IN and OUT of the sock than if i just left it out} and strapped down with bungies. right after passing over the bridge i heard a snap, and then gazed in my rearview to see "la reina" {my beautiful, favorite purple board} spinning in the air and then crunching down onto the gravel. goddamnit! the tail was smashed to smithereens...even the wooden stringer had shattered. all i could think was "fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck...fuck!!!!!!!". i brought the board back to my parents, put one of the LB's from their house on my car, strapped it down twice and then drove slowly back to the beach for a surf.

this afternoon i dropped the board off to a friend who'll reconstruct the tail for me. i was super depressed and decided to try and cheer myself up with a Wendy's chocolate Frosty. Well dontcha know it - it worked!! Well, a little bit. Frosty's hit the spot. not too thick and not too thin. you definitely can't drink it with the straw that they put in the bag...a spoon is necessary for consumption. I once knew a girl who would dip her french fries in her frosty...that's not really my thing though i DO love french fries, I'm more au natural when it comes to this delicious treat. But no matter how you enjoy your frosty...the point is that you are bound to enjoy it. board will be ready in about a week - and until then, there's frosties!


  1. I can't believe you didn't get a pic of your board before you handed it off. Did you?

  2. nope. i know. i blew it.