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Friday, July 31, 2009

New Loot.

Twenty One Dollars.

That's how much money I spent yesterday.

Twenty One dollars got me:

  • brown suede ralph lauren boots {in PERFECT condition}
  • 6 fabulous vintage cards
  • "Spanish Through Pictures" book {for my Dad, who seriously struggles with the language}
  • a fabulous green canvas bag with a leather strap
  • 2 black work t-shirts {old navy and gap}
  • brown v-neck T
  • purple, tie-back top
  • 1 fabulously sexy pair of dangly earrings
  • 1 sassy pumpkin-colored macrame belt
  • 3 scarves
  • 1 sexy dress {for my Mom}
  • 2 bitty bunny soaps {for Gina}
  • 2 vintage decalart water applied decals

Literally, two full bags of great stuff for only 21 dollars. And I could have kept shopping...but I'm trying to cut back!! Ha. Basically everything in the store was 50% off, and when prices were really only $1-$4 to begin with that makes for some cheap stuff! The most expensive purchase I made were my fantastic boots, that look like they were MADE for me, which were 20$ {which I got for $10!}.

This stop was totally random, which made the great purchases that much better. Stabley and I had gone to our favorite Indian restaurant for lunch {Bombay in the English Creek Center}, and she had decided to drive the back roads. I've lived here forever, and still don't know the 'back roads', so it was a fun little addition to our trip. On our way to lunch I saw a sign for a thrift store {I'm like a HAWK when it comes to thrift stores, antique stores, and consignment shops}. I had forgotten about it until we were on our way BACK from lunch. We drove past it and a few seconds later I asked Sharon if she wouldn't mind stopping in for a peek. Just a peek. Only a few minutes....

Anyways, it's rare that I share the names of the thrift stores and antique stores that I like. What can I say...I want to keep the good places a secret and horde all the goodies for myself. I'm awful like that. BUT, this place was great, and the woman who owned the place threw in the vintage cards I had picked up for free. So here it goes {and don't go telling ALL your friends, this is priviledged information}:

3073 English Creek Avenue
EHT, NJ 08234

Wed-Thurs 10am - 6:30pm Friday 10am - 7:30pm Saturday 10am - 4pm


  1. I want to see that spanish book, looks right for me.

  2. hi this is cassidy adams niece thank you so much for the autigraphed cd you sing very good i watch you on youtube my fav song is sea of love gtg cassidy