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Monday, July 6, 2009

Music & Veganism

Music & Veganism. One thing that is close to my heart, and one thing that is very foreign to me.... none-the-less, Music & Veganism is a blog created and maintained by my dear friend, and fellow musician, Charlotte Littlehales. Charlotte is a fabulous, phenomenal. The first time we met was at the World Cafe's WXPN Beta-HiFi Emerging Artists Music Festival a few years back. I had just started performing, and this one of my first 'big' gigs with my original music. Her and I shared the stage and I was just in awe of her and her band {at the time they went by Des Mer...which means 'of the sea', sexy right??}. Her music was jazzy and classy and deep and captivating. I remember looking up her myspace before we 'competed' against eachother {yes, this was a 'battle of the bands' type thing} and my heart dropped when I heard her music. I thought "Fuck. This girl is amazing. Damnit. What am I doing?!?!" haha. Over the years she has provided me with a ton of information about being a working musician and has offered insight into my music. It's been a great partnership. Also over the past year she has been a great wealth of information when it comes to natural remedies, diet and health. Woohooo for that!! SO, I thought that I would introduce you to her wonderful blog, which covers two of my fave things: FOOD AND MUSIC!

This is what Charlotte has to say about herself on her blog:

Hi! This is where I’m supposed to write stuff about myself.

Some things you may like to know about me is that I’ve been meat-free since either 1994 or ‘95 (it runs together), and vegan since 2001. A lot of people have helped me through the diet restricitions over the years; especially, of course, my parents. Neither of my parents are or ever will be vegetarian, but they always let me do my own thing… and for a long time, my mom fed me, since I was only 9 or 10 when I stopped eating meat. Nice, huh?

In addition to being vegan, I’m a musician in Philadelphia, PA. This is my music website. I work at a popular grocery store to support my music, and I play with three great musicians and friends around the city. I’m not very good at updating my shows on my website, but my myspace page is usually up to date, so if you’re interested, check there!

Lastly, I live with my boyfriend Phil, and we love to cook wholesome, delicious food together. I usually only post recipes that I made, but sometimes I post stuff Phil made because he’s such a great cook! Those are usually my favorite.

Thanks for visiting!

I'm no vegan, but I can definitely get down with some good vegan eats -- and I've tried some of Charlotte's fabulous and satisfying recipes. SO, check out her site. Check out her music. This chick rocks. Literally.




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