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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Whipped Cream Cheese.

MmMm...Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese
{also comes in CHIVE!}

...and not just any whipped cream cheese, Philadelphia whipped cream cheese.

I'm not crazy over nice things, but I'm passionate for nice food. This morning I was enjoying 1/2 of a sesame seed bagel with whipped cream cheese, some sliced tomato, a little sliver of onion and some grey sea salt. Three bites into the bagel I decided that there is NO cream cheese like whipped cream cheese...and I couldn't believe that I ever ate anything other than whipped cream cheese. The rest is just inferior. Inferior, un-whipped cream cheese.

I realized that there are few other things that I'm pretty specific about...

Inferior: Regular Ice. Superior: Crushed Ice.

Inferior: Mustard. Superior: Stone Ground Brown Spicy Mustard.

Inferior: Table Salt. Superior: Esprit Du Sel Grey Sea Salt {Island of Re, France}

Inferior: Saltines. Superior: Rosemary Crostini's

BREAD: anything in plastic bag is inferior. Fresh baked bread only.

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