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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Seaside Organics

Seaside Organic.
Seaside South Seaville.

The Thomas' have six children. Derek is a hard-working, God-loving, amazing father and farmer. His wife Stefanie is a goddess, nothing-ruffles-her-feathers wifey and mama. They recently set up a self serve stand of their hand-grown-with-love Organic produce! The prices are unbelievably cheap, and the vegetables are super delicious. Today I bought two summer squash, two zucchini and a rosemary plant for $5!!!! $5 for local, organic, harvested-with-love vegetables. I'm so grateful to have something this great right around the corner from my home! They live on Main Street, right past the church (on rt9). If you'll miss it! It's the 4th house past the church on the left hand side, so drive slowly.

The stand is honor system, so bring your $1's. Unfortunately, the other day someone took all of the produce and all of the money from the Mason Jar! Hasn't anyone told them that karmas a bitch?

Support your local farms! Eat organic and support Mother Earth! Our bodies and the planet are far more important than saving a few bucks (and actually- in this case, you're spending less than you would on non-organic at the supermarket!).

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