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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Raw Cultured Veggie Success!

Kelly and I slaved away over two weeks ago, slicing and dicing for our lacto-fermentation project. We "burped" the jars daily for a week before putting them in the fridge (to slow down the fermentation process) for a week. The verdict? They are freaking awesome! Ill be posting our favorite recipes this week! 

Why eat fermented foods?

When vegetables have been fermented, they become even more nutritious. The healthy enzymes which are present in the vegetables flourish when fermented, and create an environment that is full of probiotics, enzymes and minerals which are important for a healthy body. The probiotic good bacteria and enzymes in fermented foods help to populate our gut and intestines with Lactobacilli which are really important for healthy digestion. They also help to eliminate toxins from our body, so eating them will allow your intestines to detox which is a really good thing!
Raw, cultured vegetables are really potent in terms of helping your body to operate efficiently. When your body is working the way it should, then you will not only feel great, but you will look beautiful too. Eating fermented vegetables will also help with weight loss and lead to more energy, as well as balance out the pH levels of your body. When everything is working as it should, you will find your immunity is boosted from having a healthy gut and you will start to really feel cleaner.
The other hidden benefit of eating fermented foods is that they can help to control cravings that you might have for sweets. This is because they help us to feel full, so your appetite is reduced.


Fermented Veggies

My books arrived a few days late...but they are super helpful and I cant wait to use them!

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