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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Miracles : Day 4

May Cause Miracles

Day Four
Thursday August 8th 

Day Four: Gratitude is the Attitude

Trust that the feeling of gratitude is stronger than fear.

Morning Reflection Day 4: 
Read the passage below, then sit for one minute of silence - close your eyes and breathe deeply in your nose and out your mouth. This minute of silence will let the message set in and permeate your being. Let the feeling of gratitude come over you.

"I begin my day with gratitude. I am grateful for another day. I am grateful to breathe the air. I'm grateful for the trees, the grass, and the sky. I open my mind to focus on gratitude today. I release all littleness, all limiting beliefs. I choose gratitude instead."

Affirmation Day 4: Gratitude Is My Only Attitude. 
Gratitude unleashes the loving presence within you and will awaken your miracle mind.

Evening Exercise Day 4: 
Begin with a gratitude list. Write down a list of ten things in your life that you're grateful for. Big or small. Whatever it is that you're grateful for today.  Now revisit your notes from Day 1. Make a list of your top five fears, adn then next to each one write what you've learned and why you're grateful for these assignments. Try to see your fears in a new light. This helps you to focus on how your fear is guiding you to grow rather than to stay stuck. All problems offer us opportunities to strengthen our faith in love.

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