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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Karma Rent

Jonathon of Lucky Ant, Ava of Yama Talent, Nina of Paraiso Adventures, and Jeff of NYC Business Solutions
Nina and Me...Team Paraiso.
Ava of Yama Talent made the statement of the night, "My landlord doesn't take Karma." Let that marinate for a minute....

As much as I love yoga, healing, wellness and offering up insight...I have to keep reminding myself to not just 'give it away' for free. My skill, my passion, my "product", is valuable- and learning how to be compensated for that appropriately (and feel okay with that) is something that I am working on. It's not 'having too much ego' to want to grow your yoga business or to have high aspirations in your field- so long as its coming from your heart space. I don't want to reach more and more people so that I can be well-known. I want to reach more and more people because I have an infinite amount of love and devotion that I want to share...feel the NEED to share. It was a great night of networking and insight into growing yourself as a brand.

I had been talking about being the Light in yesterday's classes, and as the universe always delivers, this lesson was just reiterated to me throughout the night.

My goals?

-Set up a YouTube station with streaming tidbits of Cailin Callahan Yoga.

-Start offering private Skype sessions.

-Begin workshops around the country.


I had tweaked Gabby Bernsteins "May Cause Miracles" Day 16 to fit what we needed. I share....

"Perception is consistent with your choice, and...we choose between illusions and the truth, or pain and joy, or hell and heaven. Remember that by choosing the voice of the ego you're choosing to use your body as a weapon against love and to separate yourself from faith. If you choose to listen to your Inner Sense instead, you'll be led to see love and use your body as a vehicle to share this love. Energy comes in, it's transformed, and then you shed this love on all you encounter."

Today I make an important decision. Today I decide to let my Inner Sense be my guide. I welcome the guidance of my higher power to come forward and help me to transform my egos perceptions of my body, my actions, my surroundings. I welcome my Inner Sense to remind me of my body's true purpose, which is to be love and share love.


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