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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boo Thang

The other day when my iPhone was stolen, I found a *touch* of relief because I found this bracelet. It just made me laugh. "Boo Thang". Ha! Well, I was having a laugh about it with my friend Rob when we were out to lunch the other day, when he posed the question, "what exactly IS a boo thang?".

According to Urban Dictionary:

is a female that is not your girlfriend, but you share some type of relationship with her; you repect her and got luv for her.
"you talked to kyniska lately." "yea I talked to ma boo thang last night."

1:a boy or girl you like spending time wit an he or she always go yo back an you always got his or her back.

2:a person who makes you smile; a person you have feelings of warm personal attachment or deep affection for.

ay im wit my boo thang i`ll call u later

So there you have it. I expect you all to add Boo Thang to your repertoire...

probably one of the most random and most cool things ive ever found... "boo thang".

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