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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Give It Away.

Wanna be free...? Give it away! 
Give it away.

I love stuff....but I'm not attached to it (well, most days anyway!). The other day my crystal mala from India broke, and for a minute - it broke me. My heart dropped into my stomach, then was in my throat, and then it shattered into a thousand pieces. This was the mala that I used twice a day, 108x in the morning and 108x in the evening, to chant my beloved Gayatri Mantra. I chanted this for my Dad, and for myself...filling up the 'darkness' inside of me with the 'light' from the Divine and from this mantra. After a few deep breaths I reassured myself that this mala was just a 'thing', and though it held some representation of my Dad and my spirituality - it didn't define it. And ultimately - nothing is permanent...not this body, not our relationships, not our emotions, not our possessions. So free yourself. Give it away.

Yesterday in class I told everyone to think of their most prized possession. And then, their "second" most prized possession...and then I told them to give it away once class was over. Throughout Asia I was constantly giving away the shirt off my back. I gave away my yoga mat, my surfboard, my jewelry, and my love....and no, I wasn't left empty handed - I left with more than I'd come with, and with more love in my heart than I'd arrived with.

Give something away. Give a lot of things away. Give away one of your favorite things. Liberate yourself. I dare you. It feels GOOD. 

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