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Monday, August 5, 2013

Day One

I believe in miracles. I witnessed one. My Dad was a miracle. Every day he chose love over fear, no matter what, up until he left this physical world. And if he could do it, well so can I. 

My alarm went off this morning and I sprung out of bed, super excited for day one! Though my meditation altar is in my room, I felt a pull to practice outside. I did 2 minutes of the kundalini Ego Eradicator to cleanse my mind and energy, setting the tone for my morning sadhana (I invite you all to incorporate this short but powerful kriya into your is amazing). From there I read day one in MCM aloud, wrote down the affirmation and short morning reading into my journal, and had a short meditation. The total time for all of this (including the ego eradicator)? 14 minutes. 14 minutes to make miracles. Boom. I have my journal with me so that I can write down anything that comes up for me- no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. My alarm is set for 4:30pm with the label "Miracle Moment" (I set my favorite song as the alarm tone), so I can take a minute in my day to just take a deep breath and reconnect with my affirmation. I'm already feeling super fucking powerful and excited for this journey ahead!

*a great app for timing your meditation (so you don't open your eyes and cheat) is called the "INSIGHT TIMER". Check it out. 

My morning meditation and reflection oasis...

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