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Friday, February 8, 2013

Mommy and Mabon

So by now you all know that my friend Jess is a goddess. Living with her and seeing her daily interactions, I am in awe again and again of how she juggles being a mother, being a human being who takes care of herself and her needs (spiritual, physical and emotional), and who remains one of the most conscious, aware and present people that I've ever met.  I have had many deep conversations with her these past few weeks, and often times she hasn't sugar coated her response, and once she'd been so honest and straightforward that at first it came out harsh. But Jess is always moving from a place of love, so it quickly was digested as just another bit of amazing insight that'll help towards my growth as a conscious, loving human being.

Being around a child these past few days has always brought me back to reality about the romantic idea of having children. It is FULL ON, all day -every day, and Jess does it with grace but also an honesty and humility that motherhood is just as challenging as it is rewarding. The other day...

Mabon (who is 5 years old) was feeling a bit cranky and all over the place. He was in the kitchen with Jess and he grabbed a knife to cut into the carton of coconut milk she'd just bought at the store. Back home I imagine most people grabbing the knife out of the childs hand, scolding him, and then the child being upset. Jess said "Mabon, let me show you a better way...". She continued to demonstrate and explain to him *why* it was dangerous to hold the knife in the way that he was holding it, and then explained the better way to slice the box open. She gave him a pair of scissors and allowed him to move through it as she explained alongside. She had him flip up the corners of the carton, push the milk down towards the bottom of the container, pinch the edge, and cut with scissors - all the while explaining *why* you would do each one of those steps. In the end, Mabon didn't cut himself - he learned why it's dangerous to hold a knife in a compromising way, and now he knows how to open cartons safely and confidently.

That's just a small example...but I see moments like this again and again, and I always think to myself "Wow. Wow. would I have responded?", and honestly - tired and run down from a childs tantrems, I would probably surrender, take the knife out of his hand and just do it myself. Note to Self: definitely wait a few more years before having kids. Additional Note to Self: read Jessicas mommy blog as homework before reproducing....

Whether you have a child or not, give a second to peek at Jess's blog. Also, I went to her first class yesterday at the local yoga shala here in town and she taught the most brilliant, heartfelt flow. I'll be posting a link to her (upcoming) yoga website.....

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