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Saturday, February 16, 2013

I Knew You

"I Knew You" (written for my Dad, Paul Callahan)

I knew you,

I knew you.

So no matter where I go

What I see, What I say, What I do

I know that I knew you

And that'll do.

When the sun is rising

Up, up and over the mountain

And in the river I see its reflections

I see you,

I see you.

I hold this in my heart,

I hold you in my heart.

And theres comfort that comes, that we're never apart

(because) I knew you,

I knew you.

When I hear a sweet song

One that fills me up to the brim,

I feel your presence fill me too,

and I meet you with a grin.

I feel you,

I feel you.

And I hold your presence in my heart,

I hold you tenderly in my heart.

And there is comfort that we are never apart,

(Because) I knew you,

I knew you.

I took a ride on the sea the other day

I jumped off and had a swim

Birds flew above me, and the brilliant sun warmed my skin.

And you were all around

And I realized then

With all of my searching

You could never be found.

Because you're in my heart

All that I see, All that I say, All that I do.

I knew you

So we will never be apart

I knew you

And I hold you forever in my heart."

Missing my Dad, but feeling him all around me.....

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