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Monday, February 25, 2013

Rocks? Yep. Rocks.

When I was a little kid I loved "rocks". One year for Christmas my Aunt Nelly had asked my mom what I was asking Santa for. My mom told her that I wanted rocks. "ROCKS?," my Aunt replied, "Really? Like actual rocks". Yes, rocks. I had heaps of them as a kid. I didn't really do much with them, I just thought that they were beautiful and unique. Sometimes I would pick some up when I was out in nature, and my Dad was one to always bring a special stone back from wherever he'd been. Well, as they say, most things come full circle. So here I am, 20 years later, collecting "rocks".  The book that I've been using, "Healing with Gemstones" by Pamela Louise Chase and Jonathan Pawlik has been super insightful on this path, and I want to share some of the inspiration I've taken from it...

"You need to begin to perceive all life as different frequencies and forms of energy. This energy can be experienced at the physical, emotional, mental an spiritual levels. Become more attuned to the spiritual levels of reality, where LIFE-FORCE ENERGY creates and balances our natural physical world.

*Everything in Nature consists of life-force energy vibrating at different levels.* On the physical level, life-force energy ultimately becomes matter. On the spiritual level, life-force energy is Consciousness expressed as qualities such as courage, joy, and compassion. Life-force energy is known to have healing qualities, and it is these spiritual healing qualities that we seek in the stones. Your thoughts have varying amounts of life-force energy, depending on how positive they are. When you combine the life-force energy in conscious positive thoughts or affirmations with the life-force energy of the stones, the healing potential is greater than the energy of either the thoughts or stones separately."

After reading through the gems and their specific energies, I selected a few that I could use at this time. 

*Celestite: "My mind is relaxed and open to connect with my Higher Guidance."

I got this one for Meditation. It is said to...clear "left brain chatter" so you can connect with your Higher Guidance. Calming, it helps to empty your mind for rest or meditation. Erases doubts. Discerns whether your guidance is coming from Desire or your Higher wisdom. 

*Amethyst: "I release all need for Self-Identity."

This stone prepares you for spiritual work. Helpful when used with other stones. Can help you remember that you are more than the actress in your life- You are indeed the Light. 

Aquamarine and Gem Silica I want to get for when I teach and do healing work....
*Aquamarine: "I am reassured and uplifted by the knowledge that my work is my Love made visible."
*Gem Silica: "I affirm my spiritual purpose in the world. I express my Light with Joy and Trust."

*Clear Flourite: "I release my personal will in order to purify my awareness."

I got this one to use with my tarot and oracle cards. They say that...You can hold fluorite before you work with the pendulum, tarot or other tools with which you are seeking guidance. Fluorite can help you release your own opinions in the matter. 

*Clear Topaz: "I joyfully expand the horizon of my spiritual understanding."

This one I think would be particularly helpful with everything I'm doing right now. They say...Utilize clear topaz whenever you are reading or studying in order to assimilate new spiritual wisdom. Topaz keeps you from being discouraged when you do not understand something. It helps to broaden your expansion of spiritual truth. 

*Rock Crystal (clear quartz): I bought three rock crystals yesterday. I got a raw cluster of them for Rochelle because it is said that if you put them at the head of your bed that they will absorb any nightmares (similar to a dream catcher). I got a pendulum, which is what I used to pick all of the gems that I got. And I got a crystal healing pencil for my own personal healing use. 

Rock crystal is receptive to all vibrations and can help you to let go of blocks which otherwise prevent us from being receptive. It has amplifying properties which make it a great stone to use in combination with others. 

*Rose Quartz: I got this one because it is recommended for healing work. It corresponds to the loving quality of the heart chakra, and all deep healing is achieved through the energy of this center. It is used for deep release of blockages and for healing physical and emotional problems. 

An unplanned addition was an opal. Pat couldn't believe that I was traveling without a "protective" stone, and he recommended that I carry one with me all the time. Sure enough there was an opal that *chose me*, so I added that to the pile. My total was 1,000rs, which is $18.90. Not bad for a beginning gem healer set. 

When I got home I was sure to "clean" my gems of all of the energy they contained. There are many ways that you can clean your crystals (burying in sea salt, soaking in sea salt, holding in safe smoke, breathing on it, putting gemstones out in rain, holding under running water, burying underground). I am soaking them in salt water, and to "charge" them I left them out overnight under the full moon. This morning, I asked my pendulum if they were clean and it gave mea definite "NO". And so, they sit and soak...

Now, could I do all of this on my own without the gems? Absolutely. No doubt about it. Will I be empowered by the life force energy of these gems? Absolutely. So, I'm giving it a go. I'm exploring all sorts of avenues to find out what resonates with me and what doesn't. You'll never know if you don't try. I have felt the powerful life force energy of the Ganges, and I have felt the healing effects of the ocean my whole I believe that everything in Nature has a certain energy. As esoteric as it is, as crazy as it might seem- I truly believe that these different gems are beings all their own. Mother Nature is the closest thing that I can associate with God, so why wouldn't the rocks be included in that...

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