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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Busy "Being".

Busy "Being".

There is a Zen saying that goes, "When I eat, I eat; when I sleep, I sleep." This is enlightenment in eat when you eat and to sleep when you sleep means to be completely present in all your actions. With that said, you could say that I've been busy "being" instead of being a "busy bee". I've actually made it a point to not be rushed to do anything or be anywhere: shanti, shanti. That's the vibration of India (okay, maybe not in Delhi, but most other places)....things get done when they get done, there is no rush, there is no running to the destination - there is pleasure in the journey. So even though Rishikesh is yoga, reiki, pranayama, massage, meditation, and healing central....I'm completely content to have lazy, fully wonderful days to relax into whatever it is I'm feeling....shanti, shanti. When I eat, I eat. When I sleep, I sleep. I take pleasure in simply walking around town; smiling to the friendly faces that I've gotten to know and enjoying a small exchange of "hellos" and "how are yous". I read my books if I feel like reading, I write in my journals when I feel like writing....if I want to sleep, I have a nap, and if I'm hungry - I eat. Sometimes I listen to music and sometimes I just sit with eyes closed and soak up the silence. I enjoyed a massage yesterday and I've been (over)indulging in shopping in the afternoons. I am constantly moved by the authentic kindness I've experienced every single day here in India, and I'm constantly laughing at the every day quirks I encounter as well....the (super) casual burping and spitting, the cows sharing (and shitting all over) the road, and the good-hearted-but-always-heated bartering dance that goes on almost every time that money is exchanged. My personal yoga practice lasts up to 4 hours, and I take in my evening Iyengar class just a short walk from my apartment. It's cold here, like late November back home....freezing at night, cold and brisk in the mornings and evenings, but warm and sunny in the afternoons. Ive bought some quality Tibetan blankets and scarves that I cuddle into most of the day and night, and I live in my knitted woolen socks.

The mountains and the sacred Ganges have an auspicious nature, and I'm feeling so blessed to be nestled between the two. If I could sum up what I've been feeling into one word, it'd be "content".....which is really the ultimate destination, right? Today I woke at 4:45....I did my morning Kriyas, and an hours worth of chanting and meditation - and then I went back to bed for two hours (this cold weather has my body in hibernation mode!!!). I woke, made myself some chai and then wandered outta town to listen to a Guru, only to find that he doesn't speak on Mondays. Caught a ride back to town with an older Australian gentleman, John, and then the two of us became quick friends as we chatted over chais and some lunch at my local eats. Deepak sat with us after lunch and we spoke for almost two hours about pujas, praying to god, temples, Shiva, the Hindu dieties, and chai. We departed and I came back to my room to read and relax....for several hours. Then I walked back up the hill to Ganeshas to see Deepak and have some more chai and some supper. I had palak paneer with rice and one chapati, and I was sure to order everything in Hindi. Deepak has been my unofficial Hindi teacher these past few days, and I'm picking it up pretty quickly. "Kapaya, muhjee palak paneer chai-yay. Ek chai beenacheenie ka, sahead Kay saat, deegeeA. Meh booKey-Huhn!" Ganesha is a locals hang out, and there is always a group of at least a half dozen men sitting around, shooting the shit and sipping chai (and burping and spitting, of course!). They are all entertained by my fumbling Hindi, but are impressed with my progress and offer up smiles and cheers of encouragement. Me, lots of old indian men, and rounds upon rounds of chai....that's my afternoon in a nut shell. And now, it's time for sleep. Kal phir me-langay (ill see you tomorrow)!

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