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Friday, February 22, 2013

Magic Mooji Mornings and Dosas!

Today I had an amazing self practice (which needs its own blog, which will follow) and then I had some chai in my room. It was cold and raining so I opted out of the long walk and instead decided to take a tuktuk. To save myself a few rups I looked around inear the tukky stand for some Mooji-looking folk who might be headed that way. I popped my head in a chai stand and asked if anyone was headed that way, and sure enough, Jesse and Dom from England were going. We shared a tukky and some good conversation before surrendering to the silence at the ashram. Mooji was amazing, as always. Two things he said that really hit me hard were:

"I'm here to meet the Buddha-
And in this meeting there is only one. 
I know you are here. 
You cannot hide from me,
You can only hide from you"

^^^this is meditation. This is the Self. 

And he also proclaimed that he doesn't have a sadhana (personal practice). He said that his sadhana is YES YES, and that we should embrace this as well. He said...

You cannot hide behind Yes. 
Yes to the fullness of your own truth. 
Yes to your own self. 

After the satsang, I joined up with my friend Gary and we walked into the town of rishikesh (we are in Ram Jhula, on the outskirts of town, where all the yoga happenings are). In town we grabbed an awesome local meal of Masala Dosas with badgee. So so so yummy. It was nice to get out of the Ram Jhulas spiritual bubble and be "amongst the people" haha. Gary treated me to a ferry ride across the Ganga, which took a total of 45 seconds...40 of which were spent putting on our life vests and then taking them off. The shitshow of it all was well worth the ten rupees. Gary and I shared a few chai's along the Ganges as he examined my hands (he's studying palmistry here....pretty impressive stuff). I putzed around the bookstore, wanting to buy more to add to my library but instead practiced Asteya and stopped coveting all the wonderful reads, went home, and enjoyed the books that I have. I got my (hippie) armpits waxed and then enjoyed some masala tea and some Hindi chat with my esethician before heading to my Reiki 1 training. This was another event in my day that needs, deserves, it's own blog, so that'll follow at a later time as well. All in all a kick ass day, in a kick ass place, feeling blessed and excited and exhausted. Good night and namaste. Hari Om. 

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