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Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday Funday

So Rishikesh is a holy town, where everything is vegetarian and there isn't any alcohol. I don't mind this, I actually embrace it, but I miss eggs!! I'd been having this conversation with Deepak at Ganesha one day and he said "No problem ("Koi Baat Nahi"), I get you eggs." And so, we decided on Brunch at Ganesha on Monday for some Egg Curry! God Bless Deepak...he had to cook the egg curry underneath of the counter on a secret burner (if the Babas found out he'd be in trouble). I told him that it was no big deal, that I didn't need to have eggs, but he insisted- and I could tell that I wouldn't be able to sway him. John, Gary, Pat and I enjoyed our leisure brunch, and John + I took turns on my guitar. John is a brilliant professional musician from Australia, with a powerful and soothing voice and a badass bluegrass style of finger picking. Even Prakesh played us a song. As far as the meal was delicious! I enjoyed the egg curry with banana chapati, and the sweet and spicy combination was all time! We spent a few hours passing time, reading palms, playing music, sipping chai, talking about spirituality and nutrition, and sipping more chai. As the afternoon progressed, we said our goodbyes and then I started off for Laxman Jhula (the other side of town) for some gems. Pat asked if I'd like some company, and he offered up that he knew a bit about gems (I later come to find out that he knows a shit-ton about gems, as well as a shit-ton about a shit-ton of other stuff!!!). He was INCREDIBLY helpful in picking out my healing stones and I learned a fair bit from him as well about how to use them. I ended my day sitting by the Ganges, chanting the Gayatri to the setting sun and doing a long meditation. I ended my evening with some kitchurri and conversation at Ganesha with Gary and Pat. It was an emotional night for me, several things having built up since the sun had risen that morning. So much stimulation, so much information, so much and so much of so much and, yeah, it was a bit too much. Slept it off and drank a dozen cups of tea this morning as I digested it through journaling. All good, onward and upward, and now to enjoy this beautiful, sunny day in Rishikesh....

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