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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Satya : Week 2


Satya: Honesty. Truthfulness. 

This week I am embodying the second of the Yamas, Satya. Truth in words, actions and thoughts. A few ways to practice Satya are:

1. Become mindful of your speech, what is it that you are saying?

Before you say something:

2. Being honest socially. Not feeling obligated to do something that you don't want to do. Does your body feel up to it? Energetically and emotionally do you feel up for it? If not, honor that! 

3. In yoga, being honest with your body. Are you giving yourself fully to your practice, 100%? Or are you giving too much or too little for how you are honestly feeling *at this moment*? 

4. Honesty with your diet. Are you actually hungry? 

As far as the fourth one is concerned, this is a great week for me with Satya with food, because I've just started my (ayurvedic) food journal. I found myself this morning being completely honest with myself and my body because of the awareness the journaling has brought. I didn't eat breakfast despite it being "breakfast time" because I simply wasn't hungry. When I finally at ate 1pm today I was truly hungry, and I enjoyed and was nourished by every bite of my thali. As per the recommendation of the Prakriti ayurvedic book, I had a lassi appropriate for my body type. A lassi, yogurt drink, is supposed to be consumed at the end of each meal to help with digestion. Each dosha has a lassi that is best for them (some salty, some with coriander, some with ginger, etc), and for my body type I should have yogurt with honey, lemon, cinnamon and diluted with water. Deepak indulged my request and whipped me up a delectable, digestive-friendly lassi. As I wrote in my food journal, under how I was feeling emotionally and physically I put content and satisfied...which is a nice change from "totally stuffed and exhausted". Satya, Satya, Satya. Namaste. 

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