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Thursday, February 21, 2013



Today is day one of Asteya, our week three Yama embodiment (notice how I said "our" and night "my"....). 

Asteya, the third Yama (Yama: regulation, mastery, control, "codes of conduct", general laws for living. Lessons in the laws of the universe), which means "NON-THEFT". 

"Asteyapratisthayam Sarvaratnopasthanam" II.37
(When abstention from stealing is firmly established, precious jewels come.)

So obviously Asteya means exactly what it states, non-theft....but that includes a lot more than just not stealing a pack of gum from the supermarket. It's abstaining of from jealousy, envy. It's getting rid of the thought that you are "owed" something. This is what you got, enjoy it. Be content with what is, instead of trying to grasp more. 

"The man who is truly rich, is the man who is poor of desire." -GhandiJee

So a few ways to practice Asteya this week are...

1. Not stealing (duh)
2. Practicing santosa (contentment)...not being envious or jealous of what another has
3. Taking a serious look at "want". What is it that you want? Do you really want it (a great time to practice last weeks Yama, Satya - truth). Often times we think that we want something but we don't really need it. 
4. Practice being humble....doing something without asking for anything in return. 

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