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Friday, July 8, 2011

Sleepovers and Steamed Milk

Still have a few more days of not driving, so instead I'm being chauffeured. Had an amazing afternoon down in Cape May with my friend Jennifer Boyce, followed by a dinner at Thai Basil with LP. Then LP dropped me at my Aunt Nellies house, which is just around the corner from where he lives in Northfield. She made up the guest bed for me, but I slept in her bed anyways. A true sleepover!! Woke up this morning and I made us coffees with the Bialetti I gifted her for christmas. But the highlight was that she has a milk frother contraption for the steamed milk!!! It was so exciting! I felt like a true barista. Now we've had some breakfast and we are getting ready to head to my doctors appointment. So much fun to have a sleepover with my awesome Aunt Nell!

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