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Monday, July 4, 2011


Just incase you have failed to notice, let me bring to your attention a new feature to the blog...a tool which makes navigating my site much easier. If you begin to scroll down the page, on the right hand side under the Blog Archive is a box that says,


>>> Listed underneath What Are You Looking For is a link to some of the more popular subjects, ideas, recipes and destinations that I have blogged about over these past few years. So next time you are in need of a delicious salad recipe, just click on SALADS and you'll be taken to all of the salad recipes I have posted on Nose Walkin' and Trash Talkin'. Eating out and need a destination? Click on the eating out link and see if there are any restaurants listed in your area. Click. Explore. Enjoy.

“What is more refreshing than salads when your appetite seems to have deserted you, or even after a capacious dinner - the nice, fresh, green, and crisp salad, full of life and health, which seems to invigorate the palate and dispose the masticating powers to a much longer duration.”

Alexis Soyer 19th century French chef.

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