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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Name Game.

Okay, let's play the name game. My gimpy-ness has forced me back into the field in which I was educated, Graphic Design. I KNEW that this injury would be a blessing, and indeed it has! I'm so excited to be back in front of the computer designing, and I need your help with coming up with a name. My bestest friend Julisa sent me a list of ideas she quickly came up with : so take your vote on which is your favorite. Send me an email (, write it on my facebook page, or simply comment underneath this blog. Below is some design work to show you so you can get a feel for it.

*A poster I designed yesterday for Eileen B's Hobie Regatta....

*The cover of a promotional postcard for my yoga classes

*A promotional postcard for Seattle restaurant, La Medusa, to promote their weekly menu that's based around what's fresh at the farmers market....

*A large poster to promote a wine event at Seattle restaurant, La Medusa

*My current business card

So here are some names that Julisa came up vote for one of these, and if you have an even better idea, send it my way!!
Farmer's Daughter Design Co. 
Farm Daughter Design
 Sweet line designs 
Sun life arts
 Ohm arts design co. 
 Travel arts design co. 
 There and back design 
 Domestic daughter designs 
 Sea walk designs 
 Fortune femme arts project 
 Sweet leaf graphic design 
 Home life design co. 
 Glimmer graphics 
 Sowing dreams design co. 
 Poppy revolt graphics