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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

H2O2 for your Health!

I've been seeing Dr.Jonuzi at the Integrative Medical Center in Pleasantville for a month now. The Ayurvedic centers that I want to go to are in Kerala, India-- so since I'm Jersey bound for a while, and have heaps of free time because of my knee injury, I've decided that treatment here will have to do. Since the second I walked in Dr.J's office I have been super satisfied with the treatment I've received. Dr. Jonuzi is a naturopathic doctor. He went to med school but didn't buy into all that they were saying, and that sent him to naturopathy. There's an MD in the building who writes your scripts and because he's here, everything done here is covered by my health insurance. My main reason for coming is to treat my Lymes Disease. It has fatigued me and affected me for far too long now, and since "regular doctors" refuse to treat me (they don't know how to make $$ off it yet)- I've decided to take my mothers advice and become my Own Advocate. Dr.J is treating the Lymes and also addressing the overabundance of Candida yeast in my body. The cleansing for these will also clean out any other random shit that's in my body (that isn't supposed to be), as well as cleaning out any and all parasites that I've picked up abroad. Side note: I eat everything, anywhere. Street food in Cambodia, in a remote village?! YES Please. Hence, parasites.

My treatment consists of IVs twice a week, and regular colonics. Yep, colonics. I was going to write a blog about just the colon hydro therapy- afterall I Always include my poo-capades with all of you- but it's better for everyone if I just work them into This blog entry. The titles I thought of ranged from; bum gun, pooped out, holy shit, so on and so forth.... Anyways, colonics. I'm such a sissy. I dropped my pants and then Drena pushed the "bum gun" up my bum. I'm sorry- but when something's up your ass, everything inside of you is saying PUSH. It's a tough sensation to cope with for the 35minutes youre on the table. My hands were clammy and I rambled through the whole treatment, I can't help it- the more nervous I get, the more I ramble. After the treatment Drena told me that she was going to remove the insert (bum gun). I was so nervous and I said "bah! Are you sure?" After having FORTY GALLONS of water entering and exiting my ass I thought for sure there would be some remains. She assured me that I WOULD make it to the bathroom, and I made her pinky swear- saying that I'd be devastatingly embarrassed if I didn't make it the 3 feet to the bathroom. Ha. Drena always looks at me with a look that says "ha, this crazy little fucking white girl, full o' parasites. Ha. Scared of needles and scared of guns up her bum!". She loves me. Really. Anyways- I SURVIVED. I thought I was going to faint a few times when I was on the table, but I made it. And then I did it again the following week. At this point I feel like a seasoned pro...clean and healthy and Cambodia-street-food-parasite-free!! Drena's the best, and I'll never trust anyone but her with my backside...

The IV. The IV's less interesting, and therefore comes without a funny story. The needle is administered by the amazing Monica. She's awesome. Mon works the desk and also works in the office. She's very gentle and makes the whole I'm-deathly-afraid-of-needles thing bearable. I put on my iPod, and for nearly three hours I sit in a comfy lazy boy reclining chair and get a drip of 3 bags. 1: hydrogen peroxide. 2: a bright orange bag of vitamins. 3: antioxidants and a flush. Monica makes me a cup of ginger tea, because she's amazing, and then I'm on my way.

I have to say- im already feeling better. The fatigue has gone away, and for that I am SO thankful. Hopefully the upcoming weeks of treatment leave me Lymes-free! So next time you have a cold or backache- don't head to your MD, head to Dr.J, you will not be disappointed...

Dr. Jonuzi


201 East Blackhorse Pike, Pleasantville NJ

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