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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Know about My Knee.

Well, after what seems like ages - I finally sat down with my Ortho this afternoon to discuss the MRI (I got on Saturday) from my injury (that I got the previous Saturday). Turns out that I have a bone contusion and a strained ligament. This sounds like bad news - but it coulda been worse - I could have torn a ligament and needed surgery. A contusion is another name for a "bruise", so really I have a bruised bone - which doesn't seem too serious, but it's super painful. The doctor gave me strict orders to TAKE IT EASY for the next 8 weeks (well, technically 7 because my injury happened a week ago...). Absolutely no surfing and no long walks on the beach. He said no yoga, but there is still heaps of yoga that I can do that doesn't involve the function of my right knee. I plan to go back to teaching yoga this weekend, though I will be doing less demonstrating - and more hands-on corrections and very specific cues as I'm guiding. It's going to be a learning experience for myself as a teacher, as well as a more attentive class for my students. Waitressing is out of the question, which though I'm devastated by the lack of income this will cause, my soul is ecstatic for the time away from the madness. It's a difficult time now -- my body has been programmed for the past 7 years to WORK LIKE A LUNATIC during July, August and naturally, my limbs are anxious, my wallet is crying and mind is running a mile a minute. But, with time {and meditation} my body and mind will eventually catch up with the reality at hand - which is a very low-key summer. I'm thankful for the time I'm now able to spend with my family; it's as though it's a sign from above, allowing me, giving me permission, NOT to work. Stay tuned for how it all pans out....

And just incase you happen to hear of catering jobs, graphic design work, or entertainment gigs...I'm all ears......!

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