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Friday, July 1, 2011

BBQ Cabbage

We have been harvesting a good amount of cabbages lately. We actually manage to go through them rather mom is obsessed with making herself spicy asian cabbage salads, and my dad puts heaps of it every morning into his daily juice. But, we had two extra heads laying around so I scoured the web for a yummy cabbage recipe! Of course I came across an epic (but not so healthy) recipe of Paula Deens. We eat super healthy around here, and God-love-him my hunting, meat-and-potatoes father has been eating a mainly vegetarian diet for 2 years now. SO: every once and a while you need to sneak in a Paul Deen recipe! I edited the recipe as I went, leaving out some of this, adding some of that, and making my own sugar-free BBQ sauce. Here ya have it, my final adaptation to PD's BBQ Cabbage:

- 5 slices bacon
- 1 cup chopped onion
- 2 medium green cabbage
- 1/2 cup BBQ sauce (plus extra for dipping!)
- salt, pepper, garlic powder

1- parboil the cabbage 25 minutes (parboil is a fancy term for boiling ahead of time- in preparation)
2- cook bacon til crisp. Remove from pan, dice and then return to pan.
3- add diced onions to pan with bacon and sautee. Drain, but keep the bacon drippings
4- core the cabbages (kind of like hollowing out a pumpkin)
5- fill the hollow part of cabbage with BBQ sauce
6- brush cabbage with bacon drippings
7- crumble aluminum foil into a ring and place on grill so that cabbage won't fall over during grilling.
8- cook 25minutes
9- quarter the cabbage, top with more BBQ sauce along with sautéed bacon and onions

You can make this vegan by leaving out the bacon, just brushing the cabbage with olive oil and topping with sautéed onions only.

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