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Monday, July 18, 2011

Flowers + Friends

I love fresh flowers...whether they are in a field, or in a vase - they always bring a smile to my face. Recently I've been buying a bunch about once a week for my mom, but this can get expensive! Luckily I've discovered this road-side stand that's on RT.9, inbetween my house and Ocean City. A bunch of flowers is only $2!! They always have fresh sunflowers as well as some other cute, colorful kind. So I have been buying atleast 3 bundles every time that I drive past.

I was running errands all over the place today, and since last weeks flowers were fading I picked up a few bundles to add some love and cheer to the house. Then when I got home I was greeted by one of Julia's "Care Packages" from Seattle. Julisa is the best -- whenever I'm having a rough time, or even when I'm not for that matter, Julia ships off random mixes of randomness that really make your day. In today's Busted Knee Care Package were the following needed for a speedy recovery:

  • one bag of wheat berries
  • one bag of fava beans
  • container of imported salted capers from italy
  • organic lemon and maple green tea
  • organic vanilla & sweet orange facial mist
  • organic "love + toast" gin blossom hand creme
  • DELICIOUS biscotti's from Columbia City Bakery in Seattle (my fave!)
  • 4 magazines: la Cucina Italiana, Urban Farm, Lucky and OUI french wedding magazine
  • and a very beautiful card, with some very beautiful sentiments written inside....

The fava beans and capers are heavily used in Sicilian cooking, and FYI Julia and her man Gordon run a Sicilian restaurant. I'm always bugging her and Gordon for yummy recipes and new approaches to traditional and sometimes boring ingredients, and they always come through with something new and exciting for me. I <3 biscotti,and I <3 anything from Columbia City Bakery, which is located next door to La Medusa: so these are an EXTRA special treat, which I will savor every morning with my cup of coffee. And finally, the wedding magazine? Definitely not for me personally, but Julia is getting married soon and I'm her maid of honor. So this will be of great help as far as visual inspiration goes.

At the end of the day, all that one really needs is some fresh flowers and a good friend -- they just make life better.

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