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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Two Months....

It's 1am on May 3rd. I'm laying on a couch in Santa Barbara. I can't quite recall how many beds, floors, apartments, homes, hotels, hostels, trains, planes, automobiles, couches, futons, lazy-boys, hammocks and beaches I've slept on in these past 8 weeks---but it's been a lot. Exactly two months ago I celebrated my 27th birthday in Sri Lanka....and that feels like a decade ago! So much has happened in these two months. I was surfing and playing on the south coast of Sri Lanka, then made music with John de Kadt in northern Kerala, had a week of yoga and Ayurvedic treatments on the beaches of Varkala and then finished up my time in India with a three week 500-hour teacher training. I went back to Sri Lanka and surfed all-day, every-day on the east coast in Arugam Bay, and reconnected with friends from the precious year over my favorite, rice and curry! 9 hour taxi ride + 3 hours at airport + 2.5hr flight to Mumbai + 16 hour layover at super-luxury Hyatt regency + 16 hour flight to Newark + 3 hour layover + 6.5 hour flight to Baja Mexico + 3 hour ride to Uncle chucks house. Delirium. Two days of rest before leading an action-packed retreat in Rancho Las Cruces on the Sea of Cortez, where we paddleboarded, journaled, sipped wine, and shouted "I GOT A BIG DICK". Flew to California and hit the ground running with my favorite Auntie D...going straight to hell as I broke every "cleanse" rule in the book--- eating bread, enjoying cocktails and goddamn, I even ate a pot candy! We got mani-pedis and the woman scowled at my sorry-looking, dirty and calloused feet the whole time. I took the train south to Newport and rode bikes along the beach with Sarah Jean and then got a (much-needed) bikini-waxing and (much-needed) girl time with my favorite Canadian. I had business meetings and a couple meals with my old friend Andy, and we ate chocolate covered bananas as we walked the pier during sunset. I have hip-hopped with my jersey-girl JamieD, sipping Hennessy on the rooftop and hiking to the top of Hollywood hills. I've seen and surfed with three friends whom I met over the years in my travels, and got my groove in at the famed Roxy theatre in west Hollywood. And now I'm in Santa Barbara-- with my best friend and a group of amazing individuals - eating and dancing and laughing.... In these two months my weight went up, it went down, it went up. I have been happy, so happy- ecstatically happy, and nearly drowned in my own tears after a 20-minute Sat Nam set. I have learned so so much, and I have learned that I know nothing at all, and I've learned that the learning is never done! I'm 24 days into a 40 day Kundalini liberation Kriya, and I can slowly feel myself rising above and moving beyond my limitations. My wheels are turning and I'm inspired and empowered to do big, beautiful things in this big, beautiful world! It's overwhelming and exciting, and it's frightening and full-power all at the same time. Well, it's no wonder I can't fucking sleep. It's been a busy two months. It's been a busy few days. Come to think of it, it's been a busy few years...but it doesn't feel "busy", it feels "full". And the fun has only just begun. Because...then there is tomorrow. And tomorrow holds so much potential! So, as my girl Rihanna would say, shine bright like a diamond (though I might be a little dim due to sleep deprivation....but I'll sleep next month ;)

That's my delirious ramble for the night. And now- I'm going to attempt to catch a few hours of rest...

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