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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

CorePower Collaboration!

I am STILL flying SO HIGH after last nights class at CorePower Yoga in San Diego! It's no secret that I'm not a fan of yoga chains or corporations, but this CorePower studio has!!! That's probably because they have Thomas and Tanya-- two Fucking amazing human beings and teachers!! I met Thomas in our 500hr training, and that's where he brainstormed this collaboration. Him and Tanya co-taught this core-sculpt (yoga with WEIGHTS!) that infused full energy, lots of love, even more sweat and an amazing dance party! They then cooled everyone down with some yummy yin as I serenaded everyone that final hour with some tunes on the guitar. It was truly the most amazing class that I have been to, and I am so incredibly grateful to have been a part of it! Holy shit! Still smiling. Collaboration is where it's at, LOVE is the message and the answer, and God is good. Life is blessed!!


  1. this may sound harsh - but you often refer to crying in peoples arms yet never refer to anyone crying in yours. its good to look within but when it becomes self - indulgent then its time to take are lucky compared to many many people. which brings me to my next point. You make comments about yoga schools that don't meet your holier than thou attitude yet you make money from yoga - you are branding yourself - you are marketing yourself - you are going to ridiculously exotic places for retreats (which is so authentic??) and expensive...why not accept it for what it is. You are making a living (capitalising) on something you love to do. And weights with yoga? I would be fully pissed if my yogi introduced that - my tone/strength/rest/calm/insight comes from using & knowing my body alone - which I thought was the point of yoga

  2. First thought that hits my mind; your comment, "Anonymous", is most certainly NOT yoga! I think you missed the point..