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Monday, May 5, 2014

Build A Good Name.

Golden Buddha Yoga is the company that I am giving birth to this year. I am so excited for all that will come out of it, and I have big plans for it on an *international* and *collaborative* platform in the future.

I have just started ordering merchandise and promotional odds and ends, and it has not been cheap-- but that's because everything is being done with sustainability. I am using environmentally-friendly products, Eco and sustainable resources, and companies that give back to the community- serving the greater good of our people and it's planet. All printed flyers will only be on recycled paper and waste will be kept at an absolute minimum.

I'm not compromising myself, the quality that I deem worthy, or the environment for any of my projects. And I am so excited to be sharing all of these with you! Stay tuned!!!

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