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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Simple Pleasures.

Brooke and I are simple ladies, who occasionally indulge in luxurious things, but who take pleasure in the simple things in life: a relaxing afternoon on the couch, a cup of hot tea, a really great slice of pie. We got together seamlessly, and get along effortlessly. Brooke, like me, is always up for an we cruised from Laguna down to San Diego to walk around for the afternoon. We hit up the South Beach Bar and Grill (in Ocean Beach, San Diego). It was awesome. It doesn't look like much, but the 3-6pm happy hour had ridiculously amazing prices, and it was right on the beach. We had two mimosas, a pound of u-peel-em shrimp, and a most deeeeeeelicious best-I've-ever-had fish taco--- the damage was a whopping $17!!! And the mimosas were super sized! Neither of us drink much, so we were pretty buzzed. We walked up and down the farmers market and scored some epic goodies, (and I treated myself to some pretty glorious, hand crafted goddess jewelry!). After the market we headed back to Encinitas for my friend Lauren's yoga class- which was amazing (duh), only to continue the fun at my dear friend Rachel's Birthday party dinner at my old casa on Edinburg in Cardiff. The theme was 1960s Italian Almafi Coast, the house was jam-packed with amazing people and delicious food- and then the fun continued with a wild dance party down the hill at Zenbu. This is a blessed life that I am living- and I firmly believe that this is due to the utterly amazing people in my life. Friendship warms the heart and feeds the soul!

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