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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Juicing to Better Health!

So, as most of you know, I did a Candida-cleanse for just under a year. It wasn't fruit, no dairy, no soy, no alcohol, no vinegar, no sugars (of any kind), no bread, no gluten, no grains, no legumes. I got pretty friggin sick, but then slowly slowly started to level out and feel 'normal' again (whatever that is). Throughout traveling in Asia, I tried my best to stick to the cleanse-- but a cleanse that intense, that specific, requiring lots of preparation, supplements and "special ingredients", I ultimately fell into old habits. An occasional glass of wine, ROTIS in Asia, fresh fruit, and some sweets. Before you know it, these small breaks in the cleanse lead to full blown gluttony. Well, after an extremely indulgent two weeks in California...having and savouring all of the things that I hadn't had in the past year....I decided that it's time to get back on the wagon. I'm tired of feeling like shit, and for as active as I am - I want to feel the best that I can feel. To get back into the swing of things, I chose to start off by cleansing the slate with a juice cleanse. Juice is definitely NOT on the candida diet....and all of these sweeter juices with fruit sure as shit aren't on the cleanse....but I felt as if this is what my body needed as a proper "reset" button. I did my research and ended up selecting the PRESSED JUICERY. They offer a 3 day cleanse for $159, and that includes free delivery (along with a really awesome "immunity booster" blend supplement). They include 6 juices per day, and I am only averaging 3 a this cleanse set will last me about a week. The juices are incredibly concentrated and a touch sweet for my seasoned juicing I water them down, doing 1:1 water to juice. I still start my morning with hot lemon water, and I have been drinking "detox tea" as well as distilled water throughout the day. I end with a cup of senna tea in the evening (which I let steep for 15minutes before drinking). I have been adding 12drops of the immunity blend to my juices, and then every other one I've been adding a tablespoon of UDOS OIL 3:6:9 blend (which is not only great for the body, but if you are looking to heal your gut and rid your body of candida, this is a great!). In the morning and afternoon I have a cup of their almond milk juice, which I mix with two spoonfuls of TERASWHEY (grass fed, organic, undenatured, gluten-free fair trade organic dark chocolate whey protein). I have never ever been into any of that protein nonsense, but my nutritionist was adamant about me taking this, as it will help to heal my gut and my candida. And so it is...

Finishing up day 3 now and feeling really good. I was tired today...slept until 8am, took a nap from 10-11, and then a two hour nap in the afternoon. I have been going going going, traveling traveling traveling, doing doing doing, and giving giving giving for these past few months. It felt great to just take it easy. Went to Katie B's class at YogaSix tonight and though I was a bit weak, it felt amazing to be in the presence and guidance of one of my favorite teachers. Treat your body only have one! Jai Bhagwan!

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