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Friday, May 9, 2014


My mom arrived on the west coast yesterday!! She's in town for a long weekend to celebrate Mother's Day. I scooped her up at the airport and surprised her by bringing us to OLYMPIC SPA, a traditional korean spa, in (you guessed it) Korean town. We arrived at 12:45pm and scheduled our treatments for 3:45pm. This spa has it all. First of all, and most importantly, there is complimentary valet service! Parking can be super stressful in this town, so this is such a nice perk. We walked in and were shown to our lockers, we put on our robes, and the games began! First stop was to their Korean restaurant. Mom and I both had the Bibimbap, which was incredibly delicious. Even better was that we got to enjoy it in our robes :) Then we spent the next few hours hopping from sauna to steam room, from the cold plunge to the whirlpool- to the "mugwort tea bath". We relaxed in the clay sauna and the (powerful and) amazing Himalayan rock salt sauna. I even took a mini-snooze on the heated platform that they have. I drank a thousand cups of tea and sweat, steamed and soaked. Glorious. The best was saved for last though...the scrub. For $30 you get scrubbed for 25minutes by a little old korean lady, wearing little black undies and a black bra. There is nothing glamorous about are ass naked, laying on a surgical table, as they aggressively scrub your skin with their little scrubby mits. It is a VIGOROUS scrub that covers each and every inch of your body. Then a full power 30minute massage with fresh honey and hot milk, and a fresh cucumber mask. Glorious. Glorious. Glorious. Then we put on our lipstick, met up with auntie d and went to MARRAKECH for a Moroccan feast. All in all, an action packed day with my sweet mama!

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