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Sunday, May 25, 2014

LA: Full Power, 24 Hour.

It's been a full power 24 hour whirlwind in LA!! I hopped in the car yesterday afternoon and headed for Studio City. I got to my aunts house and then we popped into whole foods for all of the forbiddens....cheese, champagne and fancy dried meats!!! We popped bottles and enjoyed our decadent feast in our pjs and watched the movie "HER" with Joaquin Phoenix, Scarlette Johansen and Amy Adams. It was reaaaally good. Some epic quotes came out of it....

"The past is just a story we tell ourselves

Falling in love: A form of socially acceptable insanity.

I can overthink everything and find a million ways to doubt myself.
I realize, I'm only here briefly. And I while I'm here I want to allow So, fuck it.

None of us are who we were even a moment ago, and we shouldn't try to be, it's just too painful.

The heart is not like a box that gets filled up- it expands in size the more you love. "

Full and buzzed we went to bed. The next morning I kept the 'forbiddens' going and enjoyed some coffee with my favorite Auntie D. Then I was on the road and headed to Echo Park to have breakfast with my darling Josephine. Jo and I did the 500hr training in India this winter, and it was great to not only reconnect, but to start to get into detail about some collaboration work that we have planned in the near future. After breakfast we made her way to Joshua Tree (where she's working on an art installation...check out her blog Desert Jewels) and I headed to Venice beach for a meditation workshop. En route I stumbled upon an epic flea market where I picked up some wicked beaded "Indian princess" earrings and two vintage dresses. With my treasures in the trunk I continued on to my ultimate destination-- Exhale Yoga Studio for a meditation exploration with the famous Lorin Roche, author of The Radiance Sutras. He was amazing, it was amazing, and I have a whole new understanding of what meditation IS and CAN BE. What a cool man...a super laid back, 65-year-old, soul-surfing meditation maestro. We talked about doing a retreat together in the near future and we parted ways with an aMazing hug and a promise to work towards a collaboration sometime soon! I did the workshop with Mimi, so afterwards we stopped in at AREAL on the corner of Ashland + Main for their happy hour where we snacked and sipped a glass of wine. We (excitedly) mapped out the BIG plans that we have for international projects to give people the tools to live a most epic, fulfilling, healthy life. We hugged it out, loved it up and then I was off...but the day wasn't over yet. I met my beautiful friend Erin and her ammmmmazing husband David down the road for dinner. We talked, and talked, and talked and LAUGHED and laughed and reminisced. It. Was. Amazing. I love Erin, and hadn't seen her since Seattle a while back. It was great to catch up and meet her hubby. We said our goodbyes and no-- my day still wasn't done. In the car, one hour south, and I'm here at Brookies house. Their neighbor was having a BBQ so I popped in and enjoyed an adult beverage while listening to the neighbors rocking out on the banjo. Life is good. Full power- 24 hour.

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