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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Slowly heading South...

I'm slowly making my way south. Well...kinda. I left Jamie's and went to Sarah and Kenny's house. Sarah is the esthetician that does the yoga retreats with me and she is ammmmazing. I love, love, love her. So it was great to be able to hang out with her without any obligations to clients. She waxed me, rubbed me and scrubbed me and I left feeling physically and spiritually lighter and more radiant. In the morning I said goodbye and met up with my lifelong friend, Andy (aka AJW or Andrew Welker). He's added an 8th office now to his real estate empire, and this ones in Cali, so here he is. We had a perfect day. We started with a delicious breakfast, then had some time in the office (which I was so grateful for and got so much done!), then ventured out for a wheatgrass shot and a fresh juice before doing a bit more work. In the evening we ate at the BEST seafood spot that I've ever been to in Cali, and topped it off with a sunset walk along the pier, indulging in a chocolate covered banana. Yum. I said goodbye, hopped back into the car (that Sarah and Kenny have so generously lent me) and now I'm back at JamieD's. Tomorrow I meet up with an old friend, Thoralf, a German surfer whom I met years and years ago in Costa Rica and who I haven't seen since then! Let the social rendezvous continue....!

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